Make A Decision Not to Quit

Whatever it is that you have decided to set you heart and mind to … make a decision to never give up . The only difference between you and the people that made it is because they decided not to give up . Your greatest weapon is what you are thinking , thats the force that drives you …pushing you toward your destiny .

The word of God. Says ,” as a man thinketh in his heart so is he ” So if you think it you will achieve it .Acknowledge now before you even start that it wont be easy so that when the stumbling blocks arrive you’ll know its not the end . Its just the process and you’ll also know that it isn’t your destination and you are well still on your way . See past the obstacle, see past the doubt , but whatever you decide to do . Don’t stop ,keep at it , keep trying , keep going toward your destiny and your goals 🙏🏼

If its in your heart it means God put it there .. cultivate it . Work on it . Don’t Give Up . Be blessed

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