We fall Down , But We get up

Even in feeling alone you are never really truly alone because God is with you .Even in the silence, it never really truly is because God is always talking and even in the emptiness You are never really truly empty , God is filling you up.

Finding your self on the floor in a pit we often do sometimes , it can be emotional , financial, physical and even spiritual ,we fall . But what do we do after such a fall ? We are left with 2 choices , GET UP or STAY DOWN .

My analogy of falling is this…when you are down grab whatever you can find to familiarize yourself with this place . Grab your tears, grab your pain ,grab your confusion ,grab that darkness .GRAB IT and feel it all of it , don’t deny it and don’t hide away from it at that point look at it straight in the eyes and tell it , “i am not coming back here again “. If it burns let it burn and when you get up this time , it will be with wisdom and character.Stay down for as long as you need…make sure that by the time you decide that your getting up it will have to take a whole lot to put you down again .

I once listened to a well known pastor as she preached she said “ y’all better learn and familiarize yourselves with the spirits that keeping you at bondage. When it moves right , move right with it . When it moves left move left with it and when it goes down go down with you know why ? So that next time it comes immediately you’ll know what you are dealing with .You know what you are casting and binding .

We fall down but we get up … even in silence God speaks … when it sounds like you hear nothing maybe He wants you to realize what He’s put in you. He speaks in the silence and maybe thats all we need to hear , have patience in the quiet , rest there and be ok . It will be a lesson well learnt.

Theres always something worth you getting up for but if you cant do it on your own then you know “ the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead that lives in you can do it “


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