In Real

So the truth that we think we know is not really true because i have become privy to another truth which is higher than any other truth whatsoever. This truth does not change ,it remains the same it is absolute . It even carries power ,power beyond comprehension through the human eye yet all that the eye is really here to do is to witness the power of this truth which comes from the word of God.

The word of God teaches us that God knew each one of us before we formed in our mothers womb which means we were in existence even before we physically manifested. As we learn and grow we begin to understand this truth that what trully matters is the Kingdom of God🙏🏼From this Kingdom which i refer to as the parent realm to the physical realm because the physical gets all it needs from the Spiritual realm. Our Health ,our wealth ,our joy,our peace comes from the Kingdom of Heaven.

We too seek all that we are and more from this Kingdom , we seek our Heavenly Fathers face that He may hear us and come and attend to us on a daily basis . We seek protection and provision from Him . Sometimes we just seek His presence which is the most amazing . What a great revelation to know that our Father is just a prayer away and that He is constantly close..

In real we are spiritual creatures just passing through a physical world and soon we go back home .

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