Your Challenge is Gods Platform

So the spirit of the Lord dropped these words in my spirit whilst in church . I just wana share “ If Moses and the Israelites were not stuck with nowhere to go by the sea , they wouldnt have needed God to show up , If Joseph was not thrown away by his brothers , he would not have reached his destiny , If David did not fight Goliath , God would not have been glorified through him . If meshack shadrack and abednico were not thrown in the furnace Jesus , would not have showed up to join them. But everywhere any situation of trouble demanded Gods presence . In summary what im learning here is that God is saying our darkest and most difficult situation is the time that God comes down.For God to split the seas Moses had reached a point where it seemed impossible and he probably thought it was the end , but he was wrong . That was the time where Gods power and glory shows off as it did for Elijah ,Abraham ,Moses,David,Joseph , Daniel . You are blessed 🙏🏼

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