The Made Up Mind

When you get ready for a trip ,you have to prepare for it. You pack up your clothes, you even pack snacks for the trip , sometimes you plan your rest stops to take a break if its a very long trip . You have an idea on how long it should take you to arrive at your destination , if need be you even use a GPS system . Most importantly you have to make sure that your are well equipped incase there is an emergency along the way .A spare tyre comes in handy in this case ..

Well in this regard our walk with Christ is also like a journey … now some

of us start with such great enthusiasm but I have learnt from my teacher in the Lord thats its not about how you start but rather how you finish . My concern and the topic i would like to discuss now is the time in between the Start and the Finish .What happens in between .

Here are my thoughts and yours are welcome … When you begin a race🏃🏼‍♀️ you cant begin it with a negative mindset or else you lose even before you begin ..There are certain seeds that have to be planted in your mind , those that build you and lift you , those that tell you that win or lose you will give it your best 🙏🏼Before you even begin ,the thinking has to be right .Because what you think is what matters.

Lets take it Ecclesiates 3 ,in summary it says There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens . I believe that once we make up our minds to serve and follow Christ all these seasons will come even if we haven’t made up our minds to serve Christ the seasons still come.

A time to be born a time to die,a time to plant and a time to uproot ,a time to kill and a time to heal ,a time to teardown and a time to build ,a time to weep and a time to laugh,a time to mourn and a time to dance ,a time to love ,a time to hate , a time to be silent and a time to speak .. Even in the midst of it once we say “yes ” to God this is a life-changing “yes” its not an ordinary yes ,but a powerful one that shakes the powers and principalities of darkness and their Kingdom !

When we say this yes, we have to have made up our minds such that we are aware that seasons will come and seasons will change ! Winter will come and so will Autumn , it wont be the same as Summer or Spring BUT when those seasons come we have to remember that God knew them and foresaw them and even told us about them , but our minds have to be made up in the truth of Gods word . God is home no matter how often we get lost or fall we have to remember where home is . We have to make up our minds .

Im not saying its going to be easy but I’m saying when all is said and done and we’ve given life all we can we have to remember to stand on Gods word and remember where home is . Child of God even when we read the bible none of the apostles even Jesus himself never has it easy but they stood strong because they made a decision .

There is Power in a made up mind ! A made up mind resembles a tree with strong roots ! Nothing can move that tree infact my dad used to say ” Tshidi tumelo ya gago e nne jaaka letlapa le le ikadileng ” ( your faith should be like an embedded rock ) he said even when you build a house you have to build around it because its foundation is so strong .

In my life , its never been easy . I have had my share of pain and hurts , faced the winds , they almost blew me off 🙃but i always come back home . I made up my mind . God is my home , there is no other better one .It wont ever be easy ,but it will always be worth it Be blessed

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