I am Kept!

Just because you don’t hear him speak doesn’t mean he doesn’t say anything

Just because you don’t see Him doesn’t mean Hes not there ..

At times we are tempted to listen and believe the people we see and hear …but the one who made me constantly reminds me.

Just because everyone has an opinion doesn’t mean they are right .Everyone has an opinion ,question is which one do you listen to ?

He reminds me that my life is not like everyones life ,His plan for me is uniquely grafted so suit me .That is why I was born in the day that I was born ,at that specific time to that specific couple . The one who made me reminds me …☺️

He is in control for He has kept me until now ,He has not brought me this far to leave me but to lift me ,that His name may be glorified🙏🏼

That nothing is out of place ,I am in the place that I am supposed to be at the time that is meant to be . Every single step that i take ,every move I make ,He knew it well before and nothing takes Him by surprise..

Keeps reminding me that i am KEPT ! I have been kept even before I was born He kept me .I am a kept woman of Christ ..In His Presence ,In His arms and in His Glory . He reminds me that there is no place too far from Him . He is always there🙏🏼

My God My Father ..I love you .Thank you for keepingme.


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