Love (what i have learnt)

So we grow up hearing this word and wondering about it and thinking we know what it means . Love …its associated with couples and families . What is love ? For a very long time we make up our own definitions of what we think love is because of something or someone.But once that something or that someone leaves does this mean Love has left ?

So I made a decision to scrap out what world defines as love and look to what God says instead … and what God did too. Because love doesn’t just speak ,love acts.

Out of love Jesus died for you and me , whilst some of us may not get it ,understand it or appreciate it ,He knew it but He still came and died for us. Love

Talk about a love that knows whats best for you even if you spit in its face.🤦🏽‍♀️

Whilst we did not deserve it and whilst we didn’t care ,He still found us worthy. Love

What kind of love would make a man want to stand in harms way for you and me?

What kind of love doesn’t play the blame game or point fingers.

What kind of love gives gives and gives without expecting anything in return.

What kind of love remains even in places where its not wanted.

What kind of love loves ,loves ,loves with no measure and sees no wrong .

Forgives ,Never leaves and doesn’t forsake

Gods love is inexplicable ,

Overwhelming .Overflowing .Love

Gods love its dependable .

May we yearn to love each other in the same line which God loves us .Unfailing love

I finally understand why marriage has to be founded in God . Because He Is Love

And this is what God has to say through His word about love ” For I am convinced that neither death nor life,neither angels or demons,neither the present nor the future,nor height nor depth ,nor anything else in all creation,will be able to separate us from the Love of God ,which is in Christ Jesus our Lord ” Romans8:38-39

One thought on “Love (what i have learnt)

  1. God’s love is intentional , consistent , unconditional . It’s his indentity = Love . So are we 🙏. Love has nothing to do with emotions .But intention ! It does not fluctuate .We thank God for his unfailing love !!

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