Drenched In Worship!

As a child I always loved worship. It is so difficult to put it in words on how worship makes me feel… Like it is Finished! john 19:30  and that is one place I wish I would abide in forever . I have this random memory that I cannot forget.My Dad was playing his favourite music (gospel of course, Rebecca Malope to be more precise that ended up rubbing on me as young as I was).
Okay…. so this was my thinking … Dad is with his friend driving and chatting  so I figured I might have as well been alone in the backseat so I felt free to do whatever I wanted to do . As the songs played there was one of my favorites that went on and I sang like I was alone in the car , like no one was there..little did i foresee what I would see a couple of minutes later.

Maaaan I love God ! NOW.. as I was filled and absorbed  by the worship I cant seem to remember what led my Dad to stop the car..Because my next memory as I opened my eyes Dads car had stopped , my hands were in the air and Dad and his friends eyes were popping out. So there I was ,little 8 old me thinking “ whats wrong?” but my dad said it first” Tshidi… are u ok?” and guess what I said ” Dad why did you stop the car and why did you stop the music?”

I still don’t remember what was taking place with me that my Dad had to stop the car…. as young as I was I think I was speaking in tongues hahahaha. I really do. Man I think i freaked him OUT!

I cannot begin to explain the peace that comes with worship… the joy. You cannot get that from anywhere else.   Like a mighty storm, stir within my soul. Lord have your way in me. You are worthy my God!

                                                       Your love my God, surrounds me.

As I lay myself at your feet.

Theres no other place that I would rather be .

Than in your Holy presence ,

Oh how I have never seen such love ,

That you would find me worthy ,

And die for me ,I love you my God,

Teach me how to love you and glorify you 

I pray my Jesus,

That my life will glorify you 

I pray My God

that with my last breath,Your name will be glorified and like Paul i can say

  “ i have fought the good fight of faith, I have finished the race and I have kept the faith.”

   Be Blessed!

2 thoughts on “Drenched In Worship!

  1. Aleluya.👌 as I lift my head up and fixing my eyes upon the Lord, I ask God to quench our thirst with the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Holy Spirit is always moving in our mist, let’s seek our refuge in him and he shall give us comfort in his arms.

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