Can we have a God conversation?

I was sitting on my bed  and yearning to meditate on the word of God, so i glanced at my bible and asked myself where do i start..? I want to be in the midst of Gods word, Gods power, Gods hand, Gods wisdom, Gods love, Gods miracles signs and wonders . My spirit was yearning to be in that aura in my bedroom..the aura of peace that surpasses all. Philipians 4:7

So I grabbed my phone and started apping a couple of friends and family, “Hey, can we have a God conversation” because i wanted to create an atmosphere of praise and worship in my heart. In other words, we all have daily testimonies, no matter how small we think they are. Everyday is indeed a blessing, whilst some people did not live to see this day, we are blessed with sight, hearing, walking, talking and with our jobs amongst many. We have a roof over our heads, we have food ,God has provided all this.

“Can we have a God conversation ?” because He has done something for you today, yesterday and tomorrow. He is faithful, Numbers 23:19

It doesn’t matter the situation , it doesn’t matter the circumstance.  i once heard a woman of God say” If you don’t know or understand my pain, you will never understand my praise”.   

So with thanksgiving and praises in our hearts  psalm 86:12 Join me as a share my life , my walk with God who speaks .



2 thoughts on “Can we have a God conversation?

  1. I love you Lord with all my heart. Father I bless your name you have revealed to one of us a platform to honor you and continuously praise you God. Aleluya.👌


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